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четвртак, 21. мај 2009.



Supsidijarno right to describe and define the right, whose provisions apply only begin when the other provisions of law as insufficient to show. This is the text of Miroslav Lukic, professor, writer, publisher, founder Zavetina mag and one of the most influential literary media in the Balkans Constellation ZAVETINE.What is Lukić compared with what the word really means supsidarius? Indirect. Lukic came in Serbian literature in the world that is - juristical perspective - support, which provides assistance. So, it seems, at least to me, a man with a high number of years. Is Miroslav Lukic, as a writer and literary critic, personalization supsidijarnog calls, calls that can be submitted only by a judge or other court? Lukic has done much, and as a writer, and publisher, but it is still hiding the truth, for reasons that are not professional. For our literature and culture dominated templates and low pick. Lukić smashing templates and rasvetljuje low pick. Suppose that this is a reason that this writer for years hidden, ignored, as (as someone already said wittily) - Cinderella! We could say that Lukić perhaps because literary supsidijarno has the right to switch, as is, as critic and publisher, all those who have long been living and walking Serbian literature and culture as a dead body, ghost, leech (to say I Lukić). Lukić supsidijarno literary right, some gains. It would be more than exciting, when a researcher would dare to investigate the acquisition of a drama, which lasted a long time, inappropriate for a long time even for our environment, perhaps for decades? I suppose that you have read the essay M. Lukic Art mahogany published in Kragujevac literary journal, who commented on the days after the publication by the Belgrade and Serbian community, but have no valid even to this day has not responded publicly to what is in the sharp text stated. Lukic is accused government UKS, concrete former "officer" to the Board by the disabled in something that many other members of the Association enabled. Lukic was indicted, and other public figures, and all are ignores. As the strong criticism and ignores the Lukić presented in the novel "Doctor Death", which was published in his time under the pseudonym, of course, fearing the low passions of Serbian literary underground. Not only the text, but also many other, even incidentally written in magazines that I run, funded and regulated, Lukić is calculated from what he often called "bureaucratic our literature" (Vinaverov term), "official literature, oficijalci »... Such texts acquire Lukić the many invisible enemies and treacherously, bump, and supsidijarno writing the right to switch, as did, repeatedly.

(The text continues) Miodrag Mrkić*


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